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Do you want to use the best and assured quality raw Indian hair extensions?

Then, shop from the Divine Hair Shop blind-folded. We commit ourselves to provide high-quality and premium range of raw Indian hair products. Our products puts your safety and hygiene on the top.

Don’t wait unnecessarily long to have voluminous hair to style yourself as you have dreamt of!!

Achieve the fullness and length you have longed for, instantly!

Choose from our range of raw Indian curly, Indian straight, or Indian wavy hair extensions to get the desired style and texture in the blink of an eye.

Be on the customer’s list immediately and enjoy the cost benefits of your luxury spending.

Divine Hair Shop’s luxury raw Indian hair is simple to maintain and style. Even before styling, our 100% Remy natural hair extensions look amazing.

Divine Hair Shop Provides The Best Virgin Indian Hair Extensions

Indian hair extensions come in various textures, including fine, smooth, silky, soft, medium coarse, and thick and coarse.

Straighten, curl, or color our best virgin Indian Remy hair without a second thought. Our products retain their original characteristics after careful washing and conditioning. Our collection of naturally wavy hair characteristics includes a loose “S”- shape or a tighter wave pattern. 

So, shop what appeals you the most!

Raw Indian Hair From India Is Considered The Best Quality Human Hair Available

Raw Indian hair from India are the highest-quality human hair!

Why, because the cuticles are left intact rather than stripped. To create natural extensions, the hair’s cuticles are preserved and aligned in a unidirectional fashion. This ensures your extensions blend seamlessly with your original hair and have a longer shelf life with greater re-usability.

We Offer The Widest Variety Of Raw Indian Hair Extensions Online

The extensive hair extensions and wig selection at Divine Hair Shop empowers your decision making as we have widest options available. In fact, we assure total satisfaction, whether you want a sleek clip-in hair extension or a handmade full-lace wig piece.

Moreover, get the right hair extension with regular bundle deal sales and exciting offers on exceptional virgin Indian hair extensions.

Your trust-worthy Virgin Indian Hair dealer

Divine Hair Shop is one of the largest factory-direct virgin Indian hair suppliers, dealing with all types of Indian hair extensions. We specialize in 100% virgin Remy Indian hair, which comes directly from hair donors at temples in South India.

Raw virgin Indian hair are never chemically processed or treated. Thus, Remy’s hair is the highest quality of human hair, with cuticles intact and uni-directional. Furthermore, preserving the hair cuticles and keeping them unidirectional gives every product a completely natural appearance and freedom from tangles.

Affordable Prices For Remy Hair India

We produce all types of raw Indian hair extensions, weaves, wigs, and hairpieces (closures and toppers). Accordingly, our extensions seamlessly fit every budget and personal preferences.

No doubt, selling directly to clients, we have tried to cut expensive intermediaries’ charges at all stages, from sourcing hair to finishing final products. 

We have a loyal customer base and always strive to provide the finest quality raw Indian hair bundle deals at affordable factory direct wholesale prices.

Why Choose Divine Hair Shop For Raw Indian Hair?

Our hair extensions and wigs are made from 100% virgin Indian Remy hair. Additionally, all of our products at Divine Hair Shop pass through strict quality control processes. These include washing, deep conditioning and detangling. This ensures each client receives a beautiful hair bundle, thus getting good value for the money spent. We believe in giving our customers only the best Indian raw hair that is 100% virgin.

We offer raw Indian hair bundle deals on a varieties like Indian wavy, Indian curly, custom wigs wavy, custom wigs straight, raw Indian hair straight, Brazilian wavy, Brazilian curly, and so on.

Virgin Hair Extensions From Divine Hair Shop Are Appropriate For All!

Our exclusive collection of high-quality, directly sourced hair wigs and hair extensions is best for every ideal hair style. We invite you to try our products and become a part of the Divine Hair Shop family, which is constantly growing.

Trust our high-quality products and reasonable prices as we aim to leave you satisfied and contented.

Frequently Asked Questions

Blow-dry, curl, and straighten your Divine Hair Shop’s products just like your natural hair. However, we recommend using a heat-protecting spray before heat styling to maintain, protect, and extend the lifespan of your hair extensions.

Our human hair extensions are 100 % virgin, unprocessed, and ethically sourced.

Our 100% human hair extensions can last several years with proper maintenance and care.

Yes, you can dye or tone our human hair extensions. However, it would be best to reach out to a professional for exact color change.

When deciding on the length of your hair extensions, there are several factors to consider, including your natural hair length, desired hairstyle, and height. For example, 20-inch hair extensions may appear shorter on someone 5 feet 8 inches tall than on someone 5 feet 3 inches tall. 

 You should only use lukewarm water to wash your hair and extensions. Wash your hair with 2 – 3 pumps of a sulfate-free shampoo once your extensions are wet. Take care not to over-wash the hair, especially near the bonds or clips.

 For a more natural look and feel, we recommend purchasing 2-3 bundles. However, go for 3-4 bundles if you prefer more volume. Four bundles are mandatory for curly wave patterns and longer hair extensions. Indeed, you require 2-4 bundles for best results.

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